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Escape (Skydan)
I leaned my head back against the wall, trying to ignore my noisy cellmate inscribing tally marks into the stone walls with a chipped piece of cobble. Seventy-three. He was scraping in the seventy-third tally representing our time in prison onto the wall. Seventy-three days. We weren't even close to being let out. I've forgotten our sentence time. I don't think it really matters, though. I knew we were going to be here for a long time.
As I stared at the ceiling, I could hear other members of the jail shouting through the bars of their cells. I could make out a few remarks, but it's best if I don't mention them. Much of it was nonsense, anyways. 
"Sky," Garret, my cellmate, said, bringing me back to reality. "Have you ever thought of...escaping?"
"What?" I replied, tilting my head back down to face his back. He was studying the tallies on the wall he's scratched in. I wondered what he was thinking about and what his question meant.
"You know, like, running away. Escaping." Garret
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You Just Wait, A Sips Tekkit Poem.
Listen Sjin, here's the plan,
It's more than just a flash in the pan.
Those fools will soon be kicking the can,
First, we convince them to make a reactor,
(That is the most important factor!)
Then when its built, we sneak in.
With stealth and speed we steal,
all the coolants and run like hell,
to our actual build right over the hill,
the reactor will soon be overloaded, as you can guess.
We watch them, asleep in their shed,
Oblivious in their beds to the awaiting catastrophe,
Just right next door!
With a shake and a roar,
Honeydew Inc will be no more!
And all their stuff?
Done for.
Don't look at me like that Sjin, dear friend.
Their factory unable to mend!
Its the perfect plan,
just left with rubble on the sand.
But wait, there's more!
There will be lots at hand,
that you may not be able to apprehend.
They will be helpless.
Easily defeated.
The blast will be large,
Don't worry,
in their sheds they will be fine,
i made sure of that!
But our decoy building will b
:iconhnybnny:Hnybnny 39 22
Sips and Sjin by Panimated Sips and Sjin :iconpanimated:Panimated 311 54 Yogscast Sips and Sjin by JCShirotami Yogscast Sips and Sjin :iconjcshirotami:JCShirotami 281 99
"Sky!~" Jordan whined as the butter king got in his way. Jordan scooted over, trying to get a better view of the player building in the arena. 
"Sorry, Sparklez. I'm just trying to see~" Sky teased, making Jordan's face flush a bright red. Sky then turned his attention to the builder in the arena before them. "FISH! IT'S A FISH! FYESH!" Sky yelled.
"Not even close!" the builder replied, continuing to build his chosen word.
Sky let out an exhausted sigh and dangled himself over the railing. "Jordan, do you know what this thing is?" 
"Looks like a cross between an orange and a chicken." Jordan replied, snickering.
"DUCK!" Sky screamed, straightening up. "QUACK QUACK! MOO!" 
"Correct!" the builder exclaimed, throwing down the wool he was using to build. 
Sky cheered as he gained another point. "I WIN! AM I COOL NOW?" 
Jordan rolled his eyes and smiled. "Thanks for inviting me for a round of Build it. 'Twas fun!" he said to Sky, then turned to leave the arena.
:iconvelvetkitteh:velvetkitteh 77 95
Ignored and unloved (Sjips)
I walked down the compound quietly. Sips has been ignoring me lately. Like a lot. He took the photos of us and his them in a drawer. He erased all memories that could have told that we were in love. And lately Hannah has been over quiet a lot. Always tisseling and tasseling between the buildings. Exchanging boxes and stuff. Sometimes Lewis was over as well. He always looked somewhat grumpy though. Like more than usual. I was thinking of get over to my farm again since Sips didn't want me here. He wanted Hannah.
I felt teardrops slowly make rivers that flooded down my cheeks. I felt like a teenage girl that cried over losing the crush over a celebrity to another celebrity. I think of Sips as a celebrity. He is talented, funny, dramatic, sexy, lovely, muscular, sweet and caring. He is everything in one box.
I sobbed as I heard Sips laugh echoing as he came closer. Oh no, he can't see my tears. Not now, not ever. I quickly flew up to our penthouse. It's not really ours anymore. It Sips' p
:iconwisslan:Wisslan 29 6
Yogfic ItOGS - Chapter 2

As the dawn came, Xephos woke up. He saw that everyone else was asleep, so he roamed around. Something felt different though. He flew over to Duncan’s old place, next to the river. He bent down to wash his face, and saw his reflection.
A scream woke Rythian and Zoeya and they immediately saw each other. They both looked at each other in shock. Then it turned quizzical.
“Are you thinking...” Zoeya started.
“That Lalna’s machine worked?” Rythian finished.
Sjin and Sips woke up, ready to start up the dirt factory. They looked at each other and screamed. After a few minutes, they caught their breath and started checking themselves out.
“Oh goody,” Sips sighed.
“We-We’re... Are we what I think we are?” Sjin stutte
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dA Font Formatting Guide
To READ this with a Fancy Layout WITH source code, see
Did YOU Know that you can use the < font > tag in boxes, journals, descriptions, and in litterature?
Well, yes you can! No Premium Membership REQUIRED!
To prove my point, :eyes: below!
The Tag
Did you enjoy the awesome presentation of the "Test." text above? Well, here's the source code:
<font face="Droid Sans" size="9">Test.</font><font face="Arial" size="3">Test.</font><font face="Tahoma" size="1">Test.</font><font face="Oswald, Droid Sans, Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial" size="5">Test.</font><font face="Brainly, Nunito, Testt, Times New Roman" size="4">Test.</font><font face="Helskini, Klavika, FF Me
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Whew! It's been a while since I let myself be swallowed by the depths that is DeviantArt fanfics! But, I'm back, in case you were wondering! But of course, you weren't because, well, because no one does XP. Anyway, that aside, be warned of some shameless self-promotion that is coming.

Basically, I have a Wattpad account that I post fanfics on! I've got a few on there, and admittedly, that's kinda where I've been spending most of my time :3. I might put them on here, though. We'll see.

Oki, bai!

~Wolvie :3


United States


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